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Monday, 27 October 2014

2014 Season begins soon

Three weeks to go and preparations for the new season of GARP are well underway. In what may prove to be the final time we have the opportunity to add to the investigation and understanding of this theatre of World War 1 and the activities of Lawrence in the context of the Great Arab Revolt, let us reflect upon what it would have been actually like to be a participant.

The images below are from a collection at:

(LINK) of the camp at Waheida, which we have visited and investigated several times over the years. They give a remarkable insight into the operation and details of an Arab/allies camp during the Revolt. If you look back over previous year's blogs you will find many images of the same landscape as it is today, and our excavations of sites within it.

This landscape and the remains of these sites resonate with the echoes of all these real people, going about their normal routines as soldiers and ancillaries, waiting, preparing for battle. 

The main party this year will be in Jordan from mid November, and we will be reporting, as usual, on the activities of the work every day via this blog. Please do follow us and spread the word about this fantastic project.